Second Sight: An Exercise in Something

Sisko has trouble remembering when his wife died.

That doesn’t really resonate with me, but I suppose when you’re using at least 3 different systems to track time, it might be harder to track those things. Also, not everyone clings to dates.

So it’s been 4 years since Wolf 359, and Sisko is feeling guilty because he almost didn’t realize that. This is midseason (episode 9 of I think 24), so they’re playing around with the whole “1 season = 1 year” formula a little bit, which so many of us cling to. It puts this episode, which aired in November of ’93, at 4 years after an episode that aired in September of ’90.

So Sisko has a weird bonding moment with his kid where Jake tells his dad about this weird dream he had where Sisko has vanished. Well, that’s awkward if you’ve seen the whole series. Jake goes back to bed. Sisko seems to think that going out without telling Jake after that would be a good idea, and takes a walk around the Promenade.

If you watch Supernatural, you may be familiar with rants about John Winchester’s A+ Parenting. Well, I’d like to take a moment to commend Ben Sisko’s A+ Parenting as a solid runner-up here. Anyway, along comes Hot Chick! Because can you say “rebound” when flirting with another woman on the anniversary of your wife’s death. She says something about how it just feels good to run away. Sisko says he never felt about it that way. LIE, if you’ve seen the series premiere. She introduces herself as Fenna.

Fenna seems to think commanding the station is interesting. This is Season 2, so the judges have determined that that is a lie. “Every day must bring something new.” Ehhhh… they’re trying. “You can feel a kind of anticipation in the air like something wonderful’s gonna happen but you just don’t know what it is.” That would be Season 3 that you’re anticipating, guys. Awkward flirting continues and Sisko offers her a tour, but she vanishes.

















































































































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