In a Mirror, Darkly (parts 1 and two)

This is widely known as one of the top fifty on a lot of lists, and sometimes in the top ten. I don’t like it. I enjoyed the DS9 mirror universe episodes but this two-parter leaves me feeling kind of uneasy and I’m not sure why. Advertisements

Oh my gosh this one

Today’s Top Fifty episode is Hard Time. I just… this is so freaking real. There’s not even much I can say about it other than that. I mean, I could give a synopsis, but it’s been done.

I Just Can’t Even

Next on my top 50 list: Endgame. I have no idea why this is on this list. None. This episode SUCKS. Janeway is so freaking stupid and when she’s older, she gets even stupider. Does she not know what a paradox is? I do. You know how? I WATCHED STAR TREK. She’s living Star Trek. How…