Ten Minute Trek: The Vengeance Factor part one

On a planet that is very green…

Stop for a minute.

Usually I don’t see a need to remaster TNG. TOS… sort of, but TNG? No. But this green looks really grainy for some reason, and I can kind of see why people might want to… but you know what? Not gonna do it, because it literally lasts for about 1 second and we can put on our big human pants and deal with that, RIGHT?

Anyway, it’s green.

Riker, Worf, Data, and Dr. Crusher beam in and start looking around. The reactor they were expecting is gone, and Riker mentions that “they” didn’t answer a hail for two days. Worf and Data get a door open to get the a survivor(s) while Crusher finds blood. They eventually get the door open –



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