Ten Minute Trek: The Forge, Part 5

T’Pol is waking up. Arev is near the entrance to the cave watching the storm. “Listen,” he says, “the storm is gaining strength.” And that’s when he gets struck by lightning. True story. Archer goes to help him. “You must carry it to sanctuary,” says Arev. “Carry what?”

And that’s when the… erm… second mind-meld between a Vulcan and a human occurs, with a few muttered words in Vulcan.


Soval decides to go back to Vulcan to try to reach the rest of the High Command. Trip doesn’t like this plan and tries to convince him not to go, but that doesn’t work out.


Archer wakes up in the cave with T’Pol. Arev is dead. Archer remembers him saying something in Vulcan – “Vokau”. T’Pol translates that as “remember.”

Just saying

“I think he punched me,” says Archer, grabbing his face and wincing. They decide to get moving toward the Syrrannites.

As they walk, they see more search vessels looking for the Syrrannites. Archer suddenly knows where to go – where the Syrrannites are. T’Pol offers him water. “I’m good for a few more days.” She has to remind him he’s not a Vulcan. He finds the entrance to the Syrrannite lair – camoflauged by a hologram. They are intercepted by guards.

To be continued…


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