Ten Minute Trek: The Forge, Part 4

So there we are, in orbit of Vulcan. Trip is explaining about their witness to Soval, asking for a mind-meld. Phlox has to remind Trip that most Vulcans see this as deviant behavior, which, I point out, he might have mentioned before Trip asked Soval for a melder, but anyway. Soval says he wants evidence, not mind melds. And that’s when Trip drops the… erm… bombshell that the DNA on the bomb was planted. A little more persuasion and Soval agrees to perform the meld himself because of “the needs of the many.”

Archer, T’Pol, and Arev are running from the storm outside. They run to a cave and block the entrance to keep the “sandfire” out. Charming planet. Arev sees her idic medallion and knows her mother, T’Les, right away. So now T’Pol knows he’s a Syrrianite. And he knows Archer exposed P’Jem and tells them that T’Les is with the others at the T’Karrah sanctuary.

Soval begins his meld with Trip nosily watching. He mentions this may be the first attempt for a Vulcan to meld with a human. He is able to see the bomber –

In the cave, Arev explains a few things. The idic – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination – that’s just the beginning, apparently. “Surak tells us that the story of the idic has no end. That it begins here, at Mount Selaya.”

T’Pol interjects – “Surak died on Mount Selaya.”






The best moments in Enterprise give us more meaning when we watch what came before.

“His body, yes. But his katra was spirited away before the last battle against those who marched beneath the raptor’s wings, those who wanted to return to the savage ways.”

Archer: “What’s a katra?”

T’Pol explains, “Syrranites claim it’s the essence of a Vulcan mind, that it can be transferred from a body before death and stored in some manner.”

“Some say Surak’s katra was found,” Arev tells them, “And is now carried by a Syrrannite, so all those who meld with him may touch Surak’s mind.”

Arev tells them a little more about Syrrannites, how melding common and considered to be the heritage of every Vulcan.


Trip and Soval confront the bomber – Stel, the guy they were supposed to work with from the VHC. But when V’Las wants to question the guard, they have no choice but to tell him that there was a meld. And Soval commits career suicide by admitting that he performed the meld in question. V’Las informs him that he will be summoned to the High Command to account for what he’s done. That doesn’t sound good.


Arev tells Archer that the High Command used to be responsible for space exploration – something they don’t really do anymore. He hints that there are a lot of other lies they’ve been fed. T’Pol is electrocuted by lightning from the storm outside.


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