Ten Minute Trek: The Forge, pt 1

We begin, of course, on Vulcan, Seventeen Years Ago.

I really hate the way they treat Vulcans on Enterprise up until now. Because they kind of suck, and everyone knows that the Vulcans are humans’ allies in Trek. They helped found the Federation. They are the reason that Humans were able to get over themselves and dammit… we deserve to see things that way, and it didn’t happen. And after Voyager, we simply couldn’t take it.

This episode was an attempt to put things right.

It failed, because it was too late.

Let’s learn from this.

So there’s a guy in a cave with a glowstick. No, this isn’t a game of Clue. He places the stick on a rock and picks up what looks like an alien canopic jar. Using a brush, he dusts it off and reads the writing on it.


That was a quick teaser.forge_016


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