Ten Minute Trek: Similitude, part 5

So they tell Sim. And I really, really, really, give them props for telling Sim, because there had to be the temptation to NOT tell Sim. He knew he was going to have this surgery, he would have done it willingly.

Sim has been doing his reading. Apparently, there may or may not be an enzyme that will stop the rapid aging process that Sim is experiencing. Which means that… what? He could… take Trip’s place?

The question now becomes, who is Sim? What is his right to life? Does he even exist?

He moved into Trip’s quarters, the night before this. Archer comes there and they have an argument about who exactly Sim is. Is he Trip? Is he something Archer grew in a lab, or is he his own person? If he condemns Trip to death, is Trip still alive? He’ll save Trip by saving himself. It will take so long to synthesize the enzyme that by the time they do, it’ll be too late for Sim to save Trip. Archer refuses to let that happen.

This is about the decisions we make, and what the value of a life actually is. It’s about what might be versus what is versus what we perceive. It’s about the police officers who made choices last week that ended lives, and the people in Turkey yesterday who tried to take over their government. It’s about Anton Yelchin getting out of his car for whatever reason and it’s about every one of us, every day, making a choice. Right choice, wrong, not important right now, because the choice is there in front of you and morality isn’t always clear, in the moment, and the time is right the heck now.

“If you truly have all of Trip’s memories, you know the answer to that. I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake. I must complete this mission. And to do that, I need Trip.”

And then he asks Sim not to make him a murderer.

So Sim goes to see T’Pol and asks for something to do in Engineering. He only has a few hours left, and “The two things I care about most are in this room.”

She gives him some work to do.

He looks shifty as he starts to do it.

Someone reroutes the launch bay controls and we all know who that is. Sim was ready to leave, but by the time Archer gets there he’s realized he doesn’t really have anywhere he can go, so he’d be spending his life “cooped up in that thing, peeing in a bottle.” So they take some time to clear the air. “It’s not that I’m scared of dying. It’s just that I can’t imagine not being here tomorrow.” Then he reveals that the thing that really stopped him was Lizzie -his sister, Trip’s sister, whoever’s sister she was. “I don’t want what happened to her to happen to anyone else.”

“That’s why I gave the order to create you.”

“Do me a favor when this is over. If Commander Tucker decides to do any more modifications, tell him to watch his ass.”

Phlox calls Sim to sickbay. T’Pol stops by before he can leave, to tell him how much his absence will affect her… and kiss him.

Sim makes up with Phlox before he goes under, for doubting him when he first heard that he would die from the surgery, wishes Archer luck, and lies down on the table.

At the funeral, Archer gives a touching eulogy while Trip watches.


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