Ten Minute Trek: Similitude, part 4

Sim now looks like Trip and remembers his favorite dessert. He and Malcolm have a little chat. Trip has an idea for how to get them out of this cloud of doom.

He goes to see T’Pol, of course, because Trip/T’Pol is the only good thing about this Season, I think. T’Pol has already recommended his plan to Archer. He also remembers the porn neuropressure sessions. He remembers the day before he was injured, the porn neuropressure session at the beginning of the episode. And then he mentions to T’Pol that he seems to have a crush on her, and he’s not sure if that’s about him or Trip, but he assures her that his adolescent crush was two days ago.

Sim goes to Archer and asks to pilot one of the shuttlepods, which is part of his plan to free the ship (basically tow it out with shuttlepods is the plan). Archer refuses to risk Sim, and instead sends Malcolm and Travis. Sim resentfully says to Archer, “You wanna make sure I’m around because you need part of my brain.”

“Yeah, that’s part of it.”

Way to own up to it, Archer.

“So your concern for my safety is really about saving Trip.”

But Archer has bigger fish to fry, because they only have six hours left to get out of there.

Just a thought. If Sim is remembering the night before Trip was injured, maybe, possibly, it’s time to be lobotomizing, hmmm? I say that because I know what’s coming and I’m getting frustrated. I actually really like Sim.

Anyway, they go ahead and execute the plan, which is to shoot the bay doors open with the phase canons and use the shuttlepods to get with the towing. Predictably, that goes fairly well, with a lot of dramatic music. Because by this point, Manny Coto had the wheel and damned if he was going to get sidetracked. At least I’ll give him that much.

I’m going to follow Manny’s lead and not go on a tangent about why it is that forward momentum kept the shuttlepods from being destroyed in this scene. Not going there.

So anyway, they’re going to get out of the field in time. And yay.

But… we have a problem. Phlox has realized that Sim won’t survive the transplant. Apparently Human-based symbiots are not as resilient as Lyssarian ones… or something. It doesn’t really matter.


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