Ten Minute Trek: Similitude, Part 3

I cut that off a little awkwardly yesterday because it’s a good spot, in the current events, to provide a break. Anyway, Phlox does his thing. The alien creature looks like yarn. No kidding. Wet yarn.

I want to say something else. The music in this episode is amazing. It actually won an Emmy. The episode was also ranked number 3 in a Viewer’s Choice competition. That’s like being fast in the slow lane, given that the ratings were abysmal at the time, but still.

They’re in a bad way, cloud wise, but the symbiot is growing. Commerical break.

The baby is healthy. They decide that Phlox will keep him in Sickbay, but they haven’t picked a name.

Phlox eventually settles on Sim. He grows up and is reading within a couple of days. He also seems to remember Trip’s life, which is, of course, troubling. He starts to ask questions about what he’s doing there, where his parents are. Archer takes it upon himself to tell Sim the truth. Good man, Archer.

So he takes Sim to his quarters to play with Porthos. And then he takes Sim to play with his little toy plane thing (from the first episode, maybe?). Anyway, Sim starts asking questions, so Archer takes him to see Trip. And when Sim sees Trip, he understands, without having anyone explain it. He takes it pretty well… but we’re only 22 minutes in so trouble must be brewing.

Sim is a young adult now. He’s working in Engineering under T’Pol. He invites T’Pol to the movie… he really is just like Trip, he’s totally obsessed with her. And rightly points out to her that he “probably won’t be around after the current situation is resolved.”

Archer summons T’Pol to his ready room at that moment. There, she tells him they’ll have warp in 2 weeks, but of course, there’s a catch. Malcolm says the particles from the cloud are going to start draining their power soon. In 4 days, it’ll all be dead.


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