The Last Few Days

It is appropriate today that we’re looking at Enterprise’s third season in our latest round of Ten Minute Trek, because guys, we’re hurting.

We’re hurting a lot.

A lot of painful things have surfaced this week, both inside and outside of our beloved franchise and I just want to take a minute to touch on a few things. First, I’d like to get one big thing out of the way. I’m a Christian. Not every Trekkie is, but I am, and I believe with my whole heart that these two things are absolutely compatible. I also believe that Roddenberry’s vision that he promoted so wholeheartedly was at least partly divinely inspired, and I have my reasons for that that aren’t relevant today. So here’s what else I believe.

Every time we corrupt Star Trek out of it’s intended form, we risk damaging that vision.

Every time we wound each other in the name of justice, we risk damaging that vision.

Even in 400 years, we won’t have forgotten racism.

God is still speaking, and just because I stole that from the UCC doesn’t make it less true.

Pain is real. Hurt is real. You can be mad at the actions of one person and still support the group they represent. One person isn’t the whole group.

Our actions represent the groups we associate ourselves with. When you act, you are acting on behalf of your family, your friends, your coworkers, and your peers. Adding religion to the mix throws in even more groups that you’re acting on behalf of as well as a deity that you don’t want to let down. It makes nothing easier.

I realize that my last two points are in conflict with each other.

Season 3 of Enterprise is a good place to work out those contradictions. It’s a painful story, and not just because it didn’t really fit with the Star Trek canon. Remember that this was only a few years after 9/11, and we were all still feeling the shock of that.

I’m going to put together some Trek related examples of how we deal with shock and horror and racism and bigotry later this weekend. But tonight, I’m just going to sit here and pray for relief.


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