Ten Minute Trek: Random Thoughts, Part 6

Tuvok is taken to a dungeoney place and shows Guill some more violent thoughts. I think one of them is the explosion of Veridian 3, but I could be wrong. Again, not all from Trek. I think some are from other UPN shows, though, maybe. Tuvok gets into a mind-meld with Guill and shows him exactly how violent Vulcan thoughts are. Guill starts crying.

Tuvok, this plan hails from dumb. He’s got two buddies right there watching this and afterwards, when you’ve committed murder by mind-meld, they’re not exactly going to be willing volunteers.

B’Elanna is being purged when the communication center calls and tells Nimira that Janeway is calling. Janeway leads with “you have to stop this” and then follows up with “Tuvok has found new evidence”. I’d love to know how he got out of that pickle, but we’re post “Year of Hell” so the writers don’t care about these things. Do I sound bitter? I am, a little. I asked Brannon Braga once at a con what was up with Year of Hell and he was like, “well, we decided not to care about that.” Huuuuge continuity violation. Don’t care. Just change the title, change the name of the aliens, problem solved. But noooooo. Anyway, after that, well… it seems like there’s  a lot of those stupid moments.

So they bring Nimira back to the briefing room and explain the whole thing – there’s a black market in violent thoughts on the planet. Oh, and Guill is in custody, not dead. Nimira is not particularly happy about this revelation.

So everything turns out fine for Voyager, again. B’Elanna is okay. Obligatory thank-you scene. I’m pretty sure Tuvok and Tom once had a similar conversation. But this time, Tuvok admits that he’s wrong about the Mari, and also “Burdened as you are by your primitive Klingon psyche, it’s a wonder you manage to keep your violent thoughts under control as much as you do.” OUCH. He offers to instruct her in Vulcan techniques to increase her self control.

Seven comes to see Janeway, because she hasn’t gotten enough screen time this episode. She tells Janeway to stop following Starfleet first contact protocols and exploration to increase their chance of survival.

Well… yes. You are correct.

“Well, that’d make a dull ride home.”

Cue inspirational speech that is entirely unnecessary. Seven points out that two members of senior staff were almost lost and that’s unacceptable, but Janeway says it’s not unacceptable to her or her crew.

You nutty person. It’s totally unacceptable. The flip side is – say it with me Seven – they were doing the trading. And getting off the ship is good for the crew too. No, the problem is that said security officer sucks at his job. Janeway proceeds to argue that this is how humans gain knowledge. You know how Vulcans gain knowledge – FREAKING READING AND ASKING QUESTIONS, LIKE, HEY, YOU GOT ANY PENALTIES THAT COULD RESULT IN BRAIN DAMAGE?

Tuvok sucks.


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