Ten Minute Trek: Random Thoughts, part 4

Neelix is all upset and has to tell Tuvok what happened. The woman who killed his girlfriendy person (Talli, by the way), and Tuvok comments on how there seems to be a lot of crime in this crime-free city. Master of understatement, he is. Nimira asks permission to come aboard.

The captioning between the scenes identifies the transition as “suspenseful theme music”. That’s a bit of a stretch.

Nimira comes into the briefing room (Why is it always this room? I’m reasonably certain Tuvok has an office. Don’t people need to brief each other… ever?) and tells Tuvok that the same violent thought was responsible even though B’Elanna and Frane are both in custody. Nimira is there for ask Tuvok for help. She is going to trace the killer’s steps the last few days and Tuvok asks to interview B’Elanna. Nimira agrees… shouldn’t he have asked before this… OH WHATEVER. We’ve already established that Tuvok is a crap security officer anyhow.

Either he asked or he didn’t.

Of course, he wants a mind-meld. B’Elanna doesn’t really want to do that, but agrees… sort of. I’d like to point out that in our current conversations about rape culture, it’s sort of apparent that their conversation does not exact lead to anything that might be considered consent, and we’re getting a heck of a lot more personal than physical contact here, KWIM? If this was a cup of tea, he’d be in trouble.

It takes Tuvok about 3 seconds to find something more than what B’Elanna told him. The vendor that she and Janeway were negotiating with – Guill – came over to her after Frane bumped into her and… what? He had been reading her mind before – we know thanks to the clever exposition at the beginning – and all of a sudden Tuvok has B’Elanna remembering that she had a negative feeling about Guill at that moment – “he wanted something… something terrible.”

Tuvok calls it an unconscious thought or intuition she had at that time. That’s quite some talent. So now that he’s altered her perception of events, Tuvok goes to question Guill. Guill calls B’Elanna a ‘pleasant young woman’ which makes me wonder if he actually remembers her at all. Anyway, Guill eventually figures out that Tuvok is a telepath – how, I cannot say – and that he “struggles” with violent thoughts. He seems quite excited by Tuvok’s unconscious thoughts and Tuvok can sense it, but Guill denies that. “Suspenseful theme” plays again. Guill walks away, claiming his family is waiting for him. Tuvok follows him – worst tailing ever.

Gull goes to a dark alley and proceeds to sell… something to a guy in the shadows. Tuvok follows him, which of course he notices immediately. And then Tuvok does something very interesting – he offers to telepathically exchange violent thoughts with Guill and his buddy. Guill has Tuvok remove his commbadge and throw it on the ground, and tells his friend (Mallen, if you’re curious) to come back later for thoughts that are “darker than anything you could imagine.”

So, great.


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