Ten Minute Trek: Random Thoughts Part 5

Tuvok gives an impressive array of violentish thoughts that include shots of stuff that didn’t come from previous episodes of Voyager in violation of a whole lot of Trek history. “Shades of Gray“, I’m looking at you. Tuvok claims exhaustion and gets Guill to give him a break. Guill, displaying an impressive gap in the logic centers of everything, tells Tuvok that “There must be violent thoughts to be had from your shipmates… after all, they couldn’t stop a telepath from probing their minds, could they?”

Say what now? All that Leonard Nimoy taught me about logic tells me this makes no sense.

“Is that how you acquire your merchandise?” asks Tuvok.

“Sometimes I buy. Sometimes I find a person like you who’s willing to share, and yes, when the opportunity presents itself, I take what I need.”

“Which is what you did to Lieutenant Torres.” Thank goodness this is the dumbest criminal in the Delta Quadrant because… seriously, how do you not recognize a sting operation when you see one? Tuvok is the worst liar ever.

“Frane took her thought, not me.” Tuvok goes on to convince Guill that he wants B’Elanna’s thought and tries to get Guill to share it with him. Guill refuses, admits nothing, and somehow Tuvok arrests him anyway. Shockingly, Guills buddies intercept them at the mouth of the dark, deserted alley they’re in (Did I mention Tuvok is dumb? I mean, he’s really strong and well trained and stuff but he’s really not that bright.) and beat the crap out of him.

Nimira calls Voyager and tells Janeway she can’t find Tuvok either. Worst. Security Chief. Ever. Janeway wants to send a search party for him, but Nimira says she will purge B’Elanna and return her… not sure why that’s part of this conversation.

Anyway, next scene, they’re giving B’Elanna an engrammatic purge. I’m not sure this is a great idea with alien neurology but whatever.


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