Ten Minute Trek: Random Thoughts, part 2

Theme Music.

So Tuvok is giving his cop friend a tour. She’s confused by the concept of a brig. I cannot wait to find out what these people consider punishment but I bet it’s not lethal injection, because that’s been done before. Which, spoiler alert… this is Voyager. “Been done before” is not a deterrent for anything.

Tuvok elaborates that the brig has been occupied for less than 1% of their journey. What he neglects to mention is that when they had someone to confine, they locked him in quarters, not the brig. This would be a great place to mention that, but Voyager was never great at looking backwards.

Anyhoo, Tuvok is just at the point of pointing out that “if all species were as enlightened as yours and mine, there would be no need for prisons”. It smacks of Spock, and I love it. And that is exactly when Harry Kim calls to let Tuvok know that his new friend has been recalled because of an attack on the planet.

Good Perpetual Ensign! Well timed!

Neelix’s friend is completely shaken up. She heard of something violent happening as a child and had nightmares for weeks. They were not joking about the “no violence” bit, clearly.

Janeway gives the startling revelation that “he was confused” when describing the mental state of the attacker. I feel like Kate Mulgrew’s heart isn’t in this one. B’Elanna is confused about why nobody tried to stop the attack but again we are told that these guys don’t do violence. WE GET IT. FIND A NEW THEME.

Janeway agrees to cooperate with the investigation, but Tuvok is concerned that she is suspicious of the Voyager crew who were on the planet. Tuvok is an idiot if he finds that worrisome because violence never happens there and Voyager just arrived so maybe there’s a freaking connection.

Of course there’s a connection.

Not only do they question them, they read and record their thoughts. Telepaths, man.

So it turns out that the whole thing was B’Elanna’s fault because she had a violent thought when someone bumped into her.

Telepaths, man.

So they arrest her.


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