Second Sight: An Exercise in Something

Sisko has trouble remembering when his wife died. That doesn’t really resonate with me, but I suppose when you’re using at least 3 different systems to track time, it might be harder to track those things. Also, not everyone clings to dates. So it’s been 4 years since Wolf 359, and Sisko is feeling guilty…


After they saw fit to put Endgame on here, I was a little surprised to see Phage. Stuff from the first 10 episodes of any show doesn’t tend to make the list, but this one is really good. Voyager had great potential, and explored that potential quickly, and then… it all stopped, and we watched…

Sacrifice of Angels

Number 45 on the Top 50 list will make you weep. DS9 was not afraid to kill off characters, but this one still burns. Ron Moore learned well how to kill off everyone’s favorites with DS9 and this episode is no exception. He took this to Battlestar Galactica and shredded our hearts for 5 seasons….

In a Mirror, Darkly (parts 1 and two)

This is widely known as one of the top fifty on a lot of lists, and sometimes in the top ten. I don’t like it. I enjoyed the DS9 mirror universe episodes but this two-parter leaves me feeling kind of uneasy and I’m not sure why.

Oh my gosh this one

Today’s Top Fifty episode is Hard Time. I just… this is so freaking real. There’s not even much I can say about it other than that. I mean, I could give a synopsis, but it’s been done.

I Just Can’t Even

Next on my top 50 list: Endgame. I have no idea why this is on this list. None. This episode SUCKS. Janeway is so freaking stupid and when she’s older, she gets even stupider. Does she not know what a paradox is? I do. You know how? I WATCHED STAR TREK. She’s living Star Trek. How…

Ten Minute Trek: The Vengeance Factor part one

On a planet that is very green… Stop for a minute. Usually I don’t see a need to remaster TNG. TOS… sort of, but TNG? No. But this green looks really grainy for some reason, and I can kind of see why people might want to… but you know what? Not gonna do it, because…

Top Fifty: Qpid

#50 on The List is Qpid, which is incredibly still fun after almost 30 years. Picard and Vash have such a fun relationship and I would have liked to see them together again. But at least we found out what became of her, unlike every guest character on Voyager. (Yes, I’m bitter.)

50 Best?

I’m not sure I agree with this list – mostly, actually, I’m not sure if I agree with Endgame being included in this list. But I’m gonna try to watch them anyway.

Ten Minute Trek: The Forge, Part 5

T’Pol is waking up. Arev is near the entrance to the cave watching the storm. “Listen,” he says, “the storm is gaining strength.” And that’s when he gets struck by lightning. True story. Archer goes to help him. “You must carry it to sanctuary,” says Arev. “Carry what?” And that’s when the… erm… second mind-meld between…

Ten Minute Trek: The Forge, Part 4

So there we are, in orbit of Vulcan. Trip is explaining about their witness to Soval, asking for a mind-meld. Phlox has to remind Trip that most Vulcans see this as deviant behavior, which, I point out, he might have mentioned before Trip asked Soval for a melder, but anyway. Soval says he wants evidence,…